How to Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13 Series

You may face some troubles only because you forget to send an important message. Apple tries to help iPhone 13 who have to send messages on different dates with a text message scheduling feature. The information below is not only answering questions on how to Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13 but also can you Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13 from new users.

Steps to Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13

You have to download a third-party text message scheduling app. Go to the Apple Store and find one of the text message scheduling apps available there. Some apps offer two options, such as the auto-send mode and schedule message.

schedule text message on iphone 13

The auto-send mode will automatically deliver your message based on the date you have set before. The schedule messages option allows you to type the text message you want to send and set the time when you want to send it.

The system alerts you at the scheduled time. Then, you can send the message manually. The schedule message option is often a free version of the apps. On the other hand, the auto-send mode is the premium version where users have to spend a specific amount of money.

Ensure that you permit your iPhone to access the contacts and notifications. Follow the instructions of the apps to type a message, save it, give an alert to send it, and send it to the receivers.

Steps to Scheduling a Text Message without a Third-Party App

How to Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13 without a third-party app? Is it possible to do it? Yes, you can do it. The idea is to set a reminder on the iPhone.

  • Open the Reminder App

You only have to open the reminders app on your iPhone 13. Find the +new reminder option and tap it. Give a reminder and a title to the text message you want to send. Now, type a text message you want to send. Then, compare the text message as a reminder. There are also several features you can use, such as the Add Details and Add It to a List.

  • Open the Calendar App

Continue the process by tapping the calendar icon. Decide the date and time you want to send the message. Tap the done option to confirm your action. Copy the message from your reminder and paste it into the Messages app on your iPhone. Your iPhone will alert you when it is time to send the text message.

Scheduling a text message on iPhone 13 is a bit complicated to do since Apple doesn’t support it. But, the two methods above help you a lot to send an important message to friends, family, or colleagues.

It prevents you from trouble because you forget to send a text message. The most important thing is that you finally know how to Schedule Text Message on iPhone 13 after questioning it for so long. You even get two different methods to apply.

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