How to Use iPhone 13 as Webcam on Mac and Windows

Nowadays, you don’t have to buy a webcam for virtual meetings. You only have to use the iPhone camera as webcam. Learn also about how to use iPhone 13 as webcam if you are a new iPhone user. The following information will guide you to use an iPhone as a webcam for a variety of purposes.

Simple guide to Use iPhone 13 as a Webcam

Let’s say you want to use iPhone as webcam on Mac. If it is so, you need to download a third-party app first. Go to the App Store and find an app that can turn your iPhone into a webcam. You still need to prepare a lightning cable and a counterpart app on your Mac.

use iphone 13 as webcam

Ensure that you have downloaded the third-party app on your iPhone and Mac. Open the app on the Mac and install it. Connect your Mac to your iPhone via a lighting cable. You can also do this process using the cable from the iPhone.

Check the iPhone camera feed in the app on the Mac. Now, open the video chat or streaming software and go to the settings menu. Find use your iPhone as a webcam option. That’s it! You can start a virtual meeting by only using your iPhone 13 and Mac.

Steps to Use iPhone 13 as a Webcam on Windows

How to use iPhone 13 as webcam on Windows? Is it possible to do? Yes, you can also use your iPhone 13 as a webcam while using Windows devices. The steps to do it are similar to using iPhone 13 as a webcam on Mac.

You still have to install a third-party app, whether on your iPhone and your PC. Ensure that you are using a third-party app that is compatible with your Windows. Nowadays, some apps are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

use iphone 13 as webcam on windows

You can use the free or premium version. The resolution of the webcam is limited when you are using the free version. Use the premium version if you want to improve the quality of the image. The free third-party webcam apps also contain a watermark over the camera image.

Upgrade the app into the premium version to remove the watermark on the camera image. As a result, the watermark will not disturb you while doing a virtual meeting. Don’t forget to find apps that allow using a wireless or USB connection. The good thing is that users can still choose the camera angles, lenses, and set the lighting.

The Quality of the Image on the Camera

The quality of the image on the camera depends on the apps you use. Most free versions support you with 720p camera resolutions. Upgrade the resolution if you think it is not good enough in virtual meetings.

You can only take the premium version and use the app just like the instructions above. In this case, you can improve the quality of the image to 1080p. Now, you know how to use iPhone 13 as webcam with better image quality.

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