The Important Matters in the User Manual for iPhone 13

Before knowing about the user manual for iPhone 13, it is better for you to know what iPhone 13 is. Besides, it will be available for you the characteristics of that iPhone. According to the iPhone 13 user guide, this kind of iPhone is included to the capable alternative one. Then, for the feature, it has the same as the others of iPhone. For the additional information, this iPhone offers some various colors, like blue, yellow, red, and coral. Those colors are classified into the fresh and beautiful ones.

user manual for phone 13

How to restore using iTunes in the user manual for iPhone 13

In setting up your device, there are two methods that you can do. One of them is using iTunes. Are you curious about the ways? If it is so, just follows these following ways well!

  • Connect your iPhone 13 to the computer

Firstly, you should connect your iPhone 13 to the computer. You are able to do it using the cable of USB.

  • Open iTunes

After it is connected to the computer, please open the iTunes. You can do it if it does not open automatically. Then, just tap the icon of Trust on the iPhone and Continue on the computer. It is like that if you let the computer to access the information on the iPhone at the same time.

  • Click Get Started

Before tapping the icon of Getting Started, you should click Continue first.

  • Click Summary tab

You need to choose your iPhone 13 in the device list and then click the Summary tab. In this case, you will know the information of backup.

  • Choose Restore Backup

The next step that you have to do is choosing the icon of Restore Backup.

  • Sync your iPhone

Finally, you can sync your iPhone 13 to the computer. So, you are allowed to eject the device which is used.

How to restore iPhone 13 using iCloud

The second method in restoring your iPhone 13 is using iCloud. Here are the steps:

  • Enter the Apple ID

Entering your Apple ID is the first step that you should do. Don’t forget to enter the password too!

  • Enter the code

When you want to enter on your new iPhone, you need to enter the code. After that, just click ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions’.

  • Select the iCloud backup

In this case, just select the iCloud backup to start the backup process. Thus, wait for a while to finish the process.

The review above is about two methods to restore your iPhone discussed in the User Manual for iPhone 13. Hopefully, it will be useful information for you.

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