How to Change Default Browser on iPhone 13 Easily

Some users of the iPhone 13 may ask about the ways to change default browser on iPhone 13. There can be many reasons for that matter. Safari is the default application on any iPhone to browse the internet. There are limitless reasons that a user wants to use another app as the default browser on an iPhone. Fortunately, it is a thing that anyone can do. Moreover, there are numerous options of browser apps to consider accordingly. These are the ways to change the default browser.

change default browser on iphone 13

Steps to changing default browser on iPhone 13 series

Although Safari is a top-notch browser for everyone, other apps may offer different things. It is easy to change this specific type of app for more convenience when surfing the internet. These are the ways to do it.

  • Go to the Settings menu on the device.
  • Scroll down the list to find the Browser app.

set default browser on iphone 13

  • Tap the app itself and then tap the Default Browser App option.
  • Find and choose the app to replace Safari as the default browser.
  • See if there is a checkmark to show that the app is now the default one to browse the internet.

Keep in mind that the system automatically chooses a browser when Safari is not available. So, it is possible to uninstall and delete Safari from the device. If there is another browser app on the iPhone, it chooses that app as the default browser. It is possible to change default browser iPhone 13 in that way. Either way, it is easy to incorporate another application to surf the internet on an iPhone. It is best to have an idea about the browser app to replace Safari at first.

Making a browser as a default app

It is possible to do this particular thing through the application itself. It means that there is no need to go to the Settings menu of the iPhone. For example, there is the Chrome app to use as the default browser. It is possible to do this in the application itself. How to do this?

  • Run or open the Chrome app at first.
  • Look for the three dots logo to reveal the Settings menu of the application.

set chrome as default browser on iphone 13

  • Find and tap on the Default Browser entry.
  • Tap the Open Chrome Settings and then select the Default browser app option.
  • Finalize this by choosing Set Chrome as your Default browser app.

It is crucial to understand that this kind of thing is only possible on at least iOS 14. Fortunately, the iPhone 13 comes with iOS 15. It means that it is possible to use Chrome as the default browser app of the device. More importantly, the app itself needs to be the latest version. The settings menu may not be available if the available Chrome app is not the latest one.

It is easy to change the default browser on iPhone 13 to any other available app. It happens a lot to new users of the iPhone. They tend to bring their previous browser app to the device.

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