How to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13 and Things to Do if It Doesn’t Pair

Pairing Apple Watch to your iPhone 13 will help you a lot. It means that your gadgets are connected. You still get access whether you are using the Apple Watch or the iPhone 13. New iPhone users should know how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13. The information below shows the steps to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone.

Steps to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13 Manually

Ensure that you have put your Apple Watch on your wrist. Now, turn on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button and holding it for a few seconds. You can release the button when you see the Apple logo.

Continue the process by bringing your iPhone 13 close to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will automatically pair the screen. Your Apple Watch will appear on your iPhone in a few seconds. Tap the continue option once the pairing process is complete.

pairing apple watch to iphone 13

Open the Apple Watch on your iPhone and tap the pair new watch option. Find the set up for myself option and tap it. Ensure that the Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. You can do it by looking for the best position for the iPhone.

Next, tap the setup Apple Watch. You will see other instructions to follow. Ensure that you follow all the instructions on the iPhone and Apple watch to finish the setup.

Things to Do When Your Apple Watch Is Not Paired with Your iPhone

There is a case where you failed to pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone. So, what do you have to do to solve this issue? Check the Apple Watch connection. The Apple Watch is not connected if you see the red iPhone icon or the red cross icon on your watch. Ensure that you see a green iPhone icon on your Apple Watch. It means that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone 13.

Follow the steps below if it still doesn’t work.

Bring your Apple Watch too close to the paired iPhone. It ensures that the devices are in range. Focus on the iPhone first. Check the airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Ensure that the airplane mode is off and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on. Go to the control center menu to check the status of these features. Then, restart the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Wait for a few seconds and try to pair them again.

Steps to Pair More than One Apple Watch

Learning how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13 is necessary, yet you also need to know the way to pair more than one Apple Watch. Bring your iPhone near to your Apple Watch first. Wait for a few seconds for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on the iPhone. Tap the pair option.

Now, open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Find the My Watch option and tap it. This action leads you to a new page. Go to the top of the screen and tap the All-Watches option. Tap the add watch option because you want to pair more than one Apple Watch.

Follow all the on-screen instructions. That’s it! It is how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13 if you want to pair more than one Apple Watch.

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