How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 13 One by One or At Once

Closing a running apps on your iPhone 13 are necessary to do. Too many running apps will reduce the performance and slow down your gadget. On the other hand, new iPhone 13 users often don’t know yet how to close running apps on iPhone 13. This article gives a solution for users who keep asking how do I close apps on iPhone 13.

Guide to close running apps on iPhone 13 series

Ensure that your device is in the home screen position. Then, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This action will close some apps, but it doesn’t close the running apps in the background. Follow the steps below to close all apps in the background.

close running apps on iphone 13

Start from the home screen position. Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Stop swiping in the middle of the screen. Continue the process by swiping right or left. This action helps to know the running apps you want to close.

The last thing to do to close all apps on iPhone 13 in the background is by swiping up on the app’s preview. You can also use these instructions to close running apps on iPhone X and later.

How to close multiple apps at once on your iPhone 13

How to close multiple running apps on iPhone 13 if you want to do it once? It is useful enough if you have to close all apps and do another thing with the iPhone right away. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t offer a way to close all open apps in the background as Android devices. The good thing is that you can still close all apps at once.

Prepare your iPhone 13 in the home screen position. Then, swipe up from the bottom. Hold your finger on the display for a few seconds. Do this action to launch the App Switcher. The App Switcher works to display all the open apps on your iPhone 13.

close multiple apps on iphone 13

Pursue the process by placing your three fingers on the three different app cards at once. The last thing to do is swiping up to close all three apps you have chosen at once. Do the same instructions if you want to close two apps at the same time.

The way to know the recently used apps

Indeed, you should know the running apps on your device before closing them. It helps to ensure which apps you want to close and use. You only have to double-tap the home button. Then, swipe to the left and right to view the recently used apps.

You can only see four running applications on-screen at one time. Decide whether you want to close all of them or not. Then, follow the instructions above based on your need. Tap in the application in case you want to launch and use it first before closing it.

You can prevent specific issues, such as low performance, slow speed, or even frozen on iPhone 13 by only knowing how to clossing a running apps on iPhone 13. It also helps to lengthen the lifespan of your device while using only the app you need.

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