How to Control USB Restricted Mode on iPhone 13 Easily and Quickly

The new iPhone 13 from Apple is rich of sophisticated and exciting features. Even though the feature is not only for fun but also for protects the device itself. One of them is the USB restricted mode coming as the latest security feature. The function of the USB restricted mode limits the usage of the sensitive user data. The mode works after one hour of use by disabling data access to the Lightning port. Then the USB switch functions as a charger because the electrical connection remains active. From the facts above, the users must know how to control USB restricted mode on iPhone 13. Okay, let’s reveal how to access controls for USB restricted mode on your new iPhone. To be more expert, you should read the user guide for iPhone 13.

control usb restricted mode on iphone 13

Steps to control USB restricted mode on iPhone 13

USB Restricted Mode makes your iPhone immune to certain hacking techniques. These hackers usually come from law enforcement and other potentially dangerous entities. So, they can get access to iOS devices. The iPhone usually uses a USB connection to download data via the Lightning connector to decode the password.  With this feature, safety during driving is also more guaranteed. This feature makes this iPhone will not receive notifications so you can drive calmly.

How secure is this feature in protecting your iPhone 13? USB restricted mode comes with a clearer security system than before but there are still vulnerabilities. Directly, here are the steps to set the USB restricted mode:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Face ID & Passcode. Othe other hands, you can choose Touch ID & Passcode. It depends on the device.
  • Enter your passcode so that you can access the settings.

enable usb restricted mode iphone 13

  • Scroll to “USB Accessories.”
  • Toggle off will disable access to iOS devices. You can leave it if you want to reject a USB connection. But the iPhone has been unlocked for more than an hour.
  • Replace if you want the USB to reconnect.

Besides using those steps, you can control the USB restricted mode with the Emergency SOS. You can activate the mode faster than the steps above. When this mode is active and Touch or Face ID is not active, you can press the side button (SOS) five times. Okay, guys, those are the ways of how to control USB restricted mode on iPhone 13. Do not see the other brands again if the iPhone 13 is enough for you. Apparently, this device is really fantastic to help the human’s need. You know where to look for it?

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