iPhone 13 in the Box: what You Will Get and what You’ll Need to Buy

iPhone 13 in the box may become the topic that people want to know, especially those who want to have such device. If you never have this device and want to buy it, you must wonder what comes inside the box of iPhone 13. So, in this good opportunity, we want to tell you the iPhone 13 retail packages contents. In addition, this device comes with the same old accessories as what comes before. Here are what are in the box of iPhone 13. Let’s see them all.

iphone 13 in the box

The contents of iPhone 13 in the Box

  • iPhone with iOS 15

We can say that iOS is the greatest operating system in the world. With the newly updated system on iOS15, it can make the system of your iPhone better. With the new OS, the iPhone 13 will certainly be faster to process system while being used.

  • Lighting to USB-C cable

The only other thing in your iPhone 13 box is a Lightning to USB-C cable. You can plug the Lightning end of this into your iPhone, but it’s worth pointing out that USB-C isn’t the ‘typical’ USB port you might have on your computer, or that you find in some wall outlets in airports, cafes, or similar places.

  • Documentation and SIM removal tool

Inside the box, you will also get a quick start guide for you to use the device. If you need a user guide for iPhone 13, you can read on Apple Official site and you can find the answer every time you get a problem with your phone. The contents documentation include safety, warranty and regulatory information of the device.

What you need to buy?

The following things don’t come in the iPhone 13 box, but you’ll reasonably end up purchasing them to improve your iPhone experience anyway.

  • iPhone 13 wall charger

The new iPhone box doesn’t come with a wall plug, and you’ll need one to connect your phone to the mains.

  • iPhone 13 headphones

The new iPhone doesn’t come with in-box wired headphones. If you’ve got some from your old iPhone that plugs into Lightning, you can use them, but if not maybe now is the time to upgrade to wireless headphones?

Well, that is all about iPhone 13 in the Box that you can have after you buy this iPhone. Everything provided by Apple in the iPhone box will give significant usage for you. Also, they will simplify the users to operate them. Thus, it is time for you to buy and try this iPhone. So, you can enjoy the superiorities of it every time you use.

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