How to Fix When Visual Voicemail Unavailable on your iPhone 13

Actually, there is no way that voicemail unavailable on iPhone 13. All iPhone series are always equipped with a voicemail feature. The only way that users should do is to set up the visual voicemail on their iPhone 13.

This feature is very beneficial. Users don’t only notice the messages list. But, they can also decide which messages that they want to listen to. Whenever they don’t want to listen to it, they can just delete it. So, keep on reading to find out how to find the voicemail on your iPhone 13. You can also transfer the existing voicemail to your previous phone.

voicemail unavailable on iphone 13

Finding Voicemail Unavailable on iPhone 13

There are times when users want to find a new voicemail on their iPhone 13. Yet, they find out that there is an error. It is even surprising to find the notification that the visual voicemail is currently unavailable.

Well, some iPhone users find this problem terrible. But others can solve this problem. This is not really a major problem. The first thing that they want to do is to make sure that the network provider is ready in the area.

If it happens to you, then you can check whether your iPhone has the latest iOS. The problem occurs due to several errors in accessing the voicemail service back to your device. Instead of choosing the fix the error menu, you’d better try turning off your cellular data first. Then, find the network setting.

airplane mode iphone 13

You need to make sure that your iPhone is not in Airplane Mode. Or else the culprit is the network provider. Visual voicemail is the feature of the carrier, instead of the device. Whenever the voicemail is unavailable, then you might be in an area where your network provider doesn’t reach it. It is easy to summarize that the feature is not available because of the network provider, instead of the handset provider.

But, don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t mean that the network coverage disappears forever. You can try these steps. The first step is resetting your device. Then, the last step is by toggling the Airplane Mode. Turn it off first for at least 25 seconds, then turn it on. This is the choice to disconnect the iPhone from the signal of your cellular provider.

What If The Method Still Doesn’t Work?

reset network settings iphone 13Well, when it happens, then your network might be in a problem. All you have to do is to reset the network setting. Resetting the network setting can be somewhat complicated for some users. Resetting the network setting is available on the Network menu. Afterward, users can reboot their iPhones. Keep in mind that any password that relates to the network setting will be reset also.

For those who are not sure about resetting their network, then they can just find help from the network provider service.

Resetting the Visual Voicemail

After resetting the network, some users lose their previous voicemail messages, but others don’t. If you experience the latter, then you should set up visual voicemail all over again. Yet, you need to make sure that your network provider can support the visual voicemail feature, you can set it up with these below steps:

First, check out the home screen and find PHONE. You will see some options. Choose the VOICEMAIL tab. There will be a choice SET UP NOW for you to choose it. Then, there is a prompt to create the voicemail password. After you’ve managed to create a password, tap DONE. But, you will need to confirm the password again, before you finalize it by tapping DONE again.

Whenever you want to personalize your voicemail, choose the CUSTOM menu for recording your own greeting. It is very helpful for clients, particularly if you need to keep in touch with important clients. By listening to your voice, then they will rest assured that they get good attention. But, if you want to maintain the DEFAULT setting it is fine.

So, there is no more hassle to fix voicemail unavailable on iPhone 13. It is as easy as resetting the network, or just turning the airplane off and on to make sure that the device will connect to the current network perfectly.

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