How to Change Default Browser on iPhone 13 Easily

change default browser on iphone 13

Some users of the iPhone 13 may ask about the ways to change default browser on iPhone 13. There can be many reasons for that matter. Safari is the default application on any iPhone to browse the internet. There are limitless reasons that a user wants to use another app as the default browser on an iPhone. Fortunately, it is a thing that anyone can … Read more

How to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13 and Things to Do if It Doesn’t Pair

pairing apple watch to iphone 13

Pairing Apple Watch to your iPhone 13 will help you a lot. It means that your gadgets are connected. You still get access whether you are using the Apple Watch or the iPhone 13. New iPhone users should know how to pair Apple Watch to iPhone 13. The information below shows the steps to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone. Steps to Pair Apple Watch … Read more

How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone 13 and Identify Them

Spam calls disturb your life. Imagine that they will always call your number all the time. The good thing is that you can block unknown number on iPhone 13 and block spam calls. Follow the instructions below to know how to block spam calls on iPhone 13 and get your normal life back. Steps to block spam calls on your iPhone 13 You only have … Read more

iPhone 13 Microphone Not Working: Checking and Fixing the Problem

iphone 13 microphone not working

Different iPhones are riddled with a similar problem. There are several common problems found in the iPhone 12 that still can be found in iPhone 13. One of them is the microphone issue. Many users claim to have faced the problem of the iPhone 13 microphone not working. However, there are several instructions and steps that you can follow to fix this issue by yourself. … Read more

How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 13 One by One or At Once

close running apps on iphone 13

Closing a running apps on your iPhone 13 are necessary to do. Too many running apps will reduce the performance and slow down your gadget. On the other hand, new iPhone 13 users often don’t know yet how to close running apps on iPhone 13. This article gives a solution for users who keep asking how do I close apps on iPhone 13. Guide to … Read more