iPhone 13 Microphone Not Working: Checking and Fixing the Problem

iphone 13 microphone not working

Different iPhones are riddled with a similar problem. There are several common problems found in the iPhone 12 that still can be found in iPhone 13. One of them is the microphone issue. Many users claim to have faced the problem of the iPhone 13 microphone not working. However, there are several instructions and steps that you can follow to fix this issue by yourself. … Read more

How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 13 One by One or At Once

close running apps on iphone 13

Closing a running apps on your iPhone 13 are necessary to do. Too many running apps will reduce the performance and slow down your gadget. On the other hand, new iPhone 13 users often don’t know yet how to close running apps on iPhone 13. This article gives a solution for users who keep asking how do I close apps on iPhone 13. Guide to … Read more

How to Add Ringtones to iPhone 13 by Purchasing Them?

add ringtones to iphone 13

One of the ways to add ringtones to iPhone 13 is by purchasing the songs. It is an easy way to add some more personal tunes to the device. Moreover, it does not require anything else but the device itself. Therefore, it is a thing that any user of the iPhone 13 can do. Keep in mind that it works with all models of the … Read more

How to Scan Documents on iPhone 13 and Save it into PDF

scan documents on iphone 13

Your iPhone 13 can be a powerful productivity and document management device if you know how to scan documents on iPhone 13 and manage all the scanned documents using your phone’s built-in resources. There is no need for a third-party app and not even a PC if you are aware of the powerful features of one of the iPhone’s niftiest apps called Notes. Here you … Read more

How to Screen Record with Audio on iPhone 13, Including FaceTime

screen record with audio on iphone 13

Learning how to screen record with audio on iPhone 13 is somewhat easy; however, although you can do screen recording on new iPhone models, some restrictions prevent the full recording of certain apps, including FaceTime. Can you find some workaround for such restrictions? The answer is yes, with some tradeoffs. Before you step into the more complex part of the screen and audio recording of restricted apps … Read more