iPhone 13 Voicemail Full? Here’s Some Steps to Fix it

Have you ever got a notice saying your iPhone 13 voicemail full? This is a very common problem and many iPhone users have encountered this problem especially those who rarely delete their voicemails on a regular basis. When this happens, of course dialers can’t leave any message as they are informed that you can accept more messages.

Many iPhone users are confused because there are just a few message or even no voicemail messages at all. How could iPhone display a warning message saying the voicemail is full?

Why is iPhone 13 Voicemail Full?

Your iPhone voicemail becomes full most of the time because the voicemails on your iPhone are not completely erased or they are still being stored somewhere else. In many cases, those voicemails are still being stored by your carrier. Unfortunately, deleting messages does not always solve the problem successfully.

iphone 13 voicemail full

How to fix when Voicemail on your iPhone 13 is full

As the problem is mainly caused by incomplete deletion, the way to fix it is to make your that you delete the voicemails completely. Here are things you can try to address the issue. Before you try these steps, make sure your iPhone is running on the latest iOS version.

  • Clear all messages

You might think that you have deleted voicemails completely. However, sometimes they are not fully deleted even though it looks deleted (because it is removed from the visual voicemail list). In order to delete them permanently, you should go to Phone app, then press Voicemail icon.

clear all deleted voicemails

Look at the bottom of the screen to locate Deleted Messages. Then, press Clear All. Before clearing all the deleted messages, be sure that you have string wireless coverage signal otherwise your voicemail services will fail to work properly. Then, check whether you still get the warning message.

Do not forget to delete voicemails from blocked numbers, too. Even though, they do not appear in the voicemails list, blocked numbers can still leave messages and they can take up space without you knowing it. Tap on Blocked Messages and clear all of them.

  • Use Airplane Mode

iphone 13 airplane modeIf your voicemail still not working properly, try to turn on Airplane Mode. Go to Setting to locate Airplane Mode on your iPhone. After that, select Deleted Messages and Clear All to delete the voicemail. Then, turn off Airplane Mode. Check if the problem is resolved.

  • Call Voicemails

call voicemailTap Settings from your iPhone and go to Phone. After that, select Change Voicemail Password to change your password. Then Call Voicemail (the number you dial depends on your carrier). Hung up before entering your password.

Check if the problem still persists. Note that there is no way to reset or change your voicemail password is if you forget it. That is why it is very important to always remember the password. In case you forget it, the only thing you can do is to call your cellular carrier.

  • Check for a Carrier Update

carrier settings updateSometimes, the problem persists because there is a bug in the carrier update. Therefore, it is recommended to check if there is an update. Go to Settings > General > About. If there is an update message, click on it. However, if there is no update message, it means the problem regarding full voicemail happens because of something else. Go to the next step, then.

  • Reset Network Setting

reset network settingsYou can reset network settings from Setting on your iPhone, then go to General. Tap Reset Network Setting and see whether step works nor not. For your information, this action will erase Wi-Fi settings, passwords, and other network settings. You need to set them up again later.

  • Turn on Call Forwarding

You can try turn on and off Call Forwarding on your iPhone several times. It can be accessed from Settings > Phone.

Other tips you can do if your voicemail is still full

call supportApart from your device settings, there are other tricks you can do if the voicemail on your iPhone 13 is still full, here are the steps.

If you have tried all of the above steps but still having iPhone 13 voicemail full, it is time to ask your wireless carrier for help.

Find the customer support number of your carrier and let them know that your voicemail inbox is full. They may reset your mailbox or do something else to fix the problem. Once your mailbox is clear, you will be able to retrieve new voicemail.

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